ZEUS | Custom dog collar with name


ZEUS custom designed dog collar with name will fit various medium and large dog breeds – neck circumferences 18″-25″: Dobermans, Shepherds, Mountain dogs, Huskie, Malamute, Retrievers Boxers, Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Dalmatians etc.


If you want a different leather color or motif / symbol / logo on the brass plates, write us your idea through custom order


ZEUS custom engraved leather dog collar with name is made of:

Upper green leather layer (other colors are available)
Black leather inlay
Black leather padding (other colors are available)
4 custom designed brass plates
Brass nameplate

Personalized dog collar

ZEUS custom engraved dog collar is a beautifully and masterly composed leather collar. It is strong and unique. Foreground layer is smooth, elegant and eye-catching. The inspiration for the design came from the Greek pantheon. Originally designed for a black Lab, it will fit all other medium and large breed dogs with neck circumferences 18″- 25″ (46 cm – 64 cm).

Leather padding is a premium quality soft leather – your dog will be happy to feel it around his neck!

Custom designed plates

The green collar in the picture gallery has Zeus brass engravings. The red collar has Kronos engravings. Other motifs and symbols are possible. Let us know your idea through custom order or contact us


Collar in the gallery is L size. Collar has 5 eyelets, approximately an inch apart. Below you will find a detailed list of available collar sizes. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any dilemma about the right size for your dog.

M size (17.5-20.5”) i.e. 45-52 cm – 1st eyelet closes on 17.5″, 5th on 20.5″
Choose this size if your dog has a neck circumference between 18″, 19″ or 20″
Collar width: 2” (5.1 cm) at the back, 1.2” (3 cm) under the chin

L size (18-22″) i.e. 46-56 cm
Choose this size if your dog has a neck circumference between 19″, 20″ or 21″
Collar width: 2” (5.1 cm) at the back, 1.2” (3 cm) under the chin

XL size (21.5-25.5”) i.e. 55-65 cm – 1st eyelet closes on 21.5″, 5th on 25.5″ so choose this size for the dogs whose close-fitting neck circumference is between 22″and 26″
Collar width: 2.35” (6 cm) at the back, 1.5” (3.8 cm) under the chin

You should measure your dog before ordering

Sauri leather dog collars are compact – firm but not stiff. Leather edges were hand skived, polished and painted for more elegant look and supple feel around the neck. To avoid riveting on collar’s inner side we hand stitch the buckle part. This traditional leather crafting skill makes Sauri dog collars especially well suited for dogs with fine hair and/or sensitive skin.


Different colors as well as a custom design on brass plates are at your choice. If you need ZEUS collar in a different color and / or custom designed brass plates send us an email with your dog’s name, breed, age & accurate neck circumference.

Care & maintenance

Collar’s foreground leather can be treated with a neutral leather protectant spray and leather impregnation spray. Avoid soaking the collar with water. Avoid spraying over brass decorations. We advise taking off the collar during the play with other dogs.

Embrace the synergy of style and individuality with our Custom Engraved Leather Dog Collar ZEUS.



Additional information

Collar size

M (17.5-20.5"), L (18-22"), XL (21.5-25.5”)

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