VIDOCQ | Red and brown leather dog collar with name


Vidocq collar fits all Bulldogs but German Shepherds, Labradors and other large and extra large breed dogs can wear it too.

Let us know your dog’s name, breed, age & accurate neck circumference through order note during the checkout.


This unique red and brown leather dog collar with name was inspired by a very special English bulldog named Vidocq. Vidocq was also an interesting historical person, both criminal and criminalist, and is nowadays considered as the father of modern criminology and undercover work. Therefore, Vidocq – a unique dog collar of brown, golden and red nuances – was designed to look seductive, intriguing and secretive. The collar was handmade using brown full grain harness leather, soft red leather lining and a dozen of impactful antique brass conchos.

The heart of each personalized dog collar is the name plate. Sauri personalized dog collars wear uniquely handmade, stylized and vintage looking brass name plates. Vidocq has one trapezoidal central nameplate, by form and engraving resembling a crown.

Vidocq red and brown leather dog collar was completely hand stitched and has soft leather padding. Leather edges were hand skived, polished and painted for more elegant look and suppler feel around the neck. To avoid excessive riveting on the collar’s inner side (and possible irritation of dog’s skin and fur) we hand stitch the buckle part.

First hole placed at:  46/48/50 cm (18/19/20 in)
Last hole placed at:  56/58/60 cm (22/23/24 in)
Width:  5 cm (2 in) with ends tapering under the chin
Now available in XL size (21-25″ 1st to last eyelet) 

You should measure your dog before ordering


We can make a smaller sized Vidocq (16-19″) but we’ll have to change some brass decorations. Contact us for more information.

Care & maintenance

Collar’s foreground leather can be treated with a neutral water resistant leather protectant spray & leather impregnation spray. If the collar gets dirty with mud and similar dirt wipe it off gently using a semi wet cloth followed by a dry one. Avoid soaking the collar with water. We advise taking off the collar during the play with other dogs.

Additional information

Neck circumference

18-22", 19-23", 20-24", 21-25"