ROCOCO | Personalized bling dog collar


This elegant bling dog collar with nameplate fits various small, medium sized & large breed dogs.

Let us know your dog’s name, breed, age & accurate neck circumference through order note during the checkout.


ROCOCO is a super cute personalized bling dog collar designed for our stylish pets. It consists of:

Lilac foreground leather
Turquoise leather padding
Brass nameplate
Brass filigree
Rhinestone rivets 

The heart of each personalized dog collar is a name plate. ROCOCO bling dog collar has one central nameplate.
Let us know your dog’s name through order note during the checkout.

Personalized dog collar with rhinestone and filigree

Workshop Sauri has special designs for our extra small and extra cute dog customers. It is the ideal style to crown your dog’s uniqueness and beauty, its complete innocence and purity with exuberant decorations typical of the rococo style. No doubt your delicate tail wagger will look princely with ROCOCO bling dog collar because ROCOCO is a tiny piece of luxury you must have!

We can make ROCOCO personalized bling dog collar with pink leather padding. We choose brass filigree for decoration because it is delicate, beautiful and resilient & so are our precious furry friends too.


This cute bling dog collar with nameplate fits various extra small breeds – neck widths 9 to 11 in: Chihuahua, Chinese crested dog, Miniature pinscher, Yorkshire terrier, Italian greyhound, Pekingese, Maltese etc.

We adapted the design to fit medium sized & large breed dogs as well!

XS size

First eyelet on:  23 cm (9”)
Last eyelet on:  29 cm (11 ½ ”)
Overall length:  27 cm (13”)
Width:  3.5 cm (1 ½”) with ends tapering to 1.5 cm (3/4”)

L size

First eyelet on:  46 cm (18”)
Last eyelet on:  56 cm (22”)
Width:  4 cm (1.6”)

You should measure your dog before ordering.

Sauri leather dog collars are compact – firm but not stiff. Leather edges were hand skived, polished and painted for more elegant look and suppler feel around the neck. Although an extra small dog collar ROCOCO has been stitched by hand. It will suit dogs with fine hair and/or sensitive skin.

ROCOCO bling dog collar is unique leather product. It means that we can only design a similar one once the one shown in the shop is out of stock.

Care & maintenance

For regular care you should wipe off the collar from mud and similar dirt using a semi wet cloth followed by a dry one. Collar’s foreground leather can be treated with a neutral water resistant leather protectant spray & leather impregnation spray. Avoid soaking the collar with water. We advise taking off the collar during the play with other dogs.

Additional information

Collar size

XS (9-11"), S (12-14"), M (14-18"), L (18-22")

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