ODIN | Custom engraved big dog collar


ODIN custom engraved big dog collar is designed to fit neck widths 19 to 28 in. It will look great on all large and giant dog breeds.

Let us know your dog’s name, breed, age & accurate neck circumference through order note during the checkout.


ODIN custom engraved big dog collar is a uniquely designed leather collar. It consists of:

Brown and pistachio leather
Terracotta leather padding / Black leather padding
Rich embossing
Unique nameplate
Odin brass plated conchos

Norse Mythology big dog collar

This custom engraved leather dog collar is both stately and sturdy. Our inspiration was the mighty Odin, a beautiful Dogo Canario named after the god of Northern mythology. The collar has 2 antique brass plates with Odin’s name and the symbol of Valknut: 3 interlocking triangles that symbolize Odin’s slain warriors and afterlife. We can engrave any other name because your dog doesn’t have to call Odin to wear this one of a kind leather collar 🙂

ODIN custom engraved big dog collar is designed to fit neck widths 19 to 28 in. It is a 2.75″ or 3″ wide. It will look great on Presa Canario, Great Dane, Kangal, Japanese mastiff, French mastiff, Alabai, Saint Bernard etc. Various other dog breeds can easily wear it too – contact us for customization or advice.

You should measure your dog before ordering.

Sauri leather dog collars are compact – firm but not stiff. Leather edges were hand skived, polished and painted for more elegant look and suppler feel around the neck. To avoid riveting on collar’s inner side we hand stitch the buckle part. This traditional leather crafting skill makes Sauri dog collars especially well suited for dogs with fine hair and/or sensitive skin.

ODIN custom engraved big dog collar is a unique leather product. It means that we can only design a similar one once the one shown in the shop is out of stock.

For regular care you should wipe off the collar from mud and similar dirt using a semi wet cloth or a soft brush. Collar’s foreground leather can be treated with a leather protectant spray.


Additional information

Leather padding color

Terracotta, Black

Neck circumference

18-22", 20-24", 21-25", 22-26", 23-28", 24-29"