Our handmade dog collars entail the creation of an art composition, as we are thoughtfully layering each element and infusing it with love and care. We employ traditional handcrafting methods, investing countless working hours and a profound level of dedication into every collar we create. The result is a one-of-a-kind creation that tells a love story of human-canine bond. We believe that true luxury lies in the appreciation for details. We take pride in the meticulous process of creating a compact, durable, and stunning collar that reflects the unique personality of your beloved pet.

leather dog harness h01 various colors

Sauri’s leather dog harnesses

Sauri’s leather dog harnesses are divided according to their purpose and the intended dog breed. Whether for dog training, fashionable for dog walking or personalized our harnesses  are hand crafted in two standard sizes: – M/L for medium to large dog breeds This size fits dogs such as Labrador retriever, Poodles, some Greyhounds, Catahoula leopard dog, Norwegian…